Ph33r my reality, cause my reality is not yours, since yours is not mine

7 February
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I'm a female biology student that's specialising in spiders (read: tarantulas), and hope that I one day can call myself a arachnologist. As you maybe understood from my choose of studies I'm a spiderfreak (Brachypelma spp. <3). I'm also a bunnylover, anime/mangageek and go (碁) player. And I have an obsession for vampires and fantasy, as you can guess from my LJ layout :3 I'm also interested in comics and cartoons from other countries than Japan, programming, Nintendo (ZELDA <3), electrical toys and many other things I could use days to write down.

In short I'm a girl with many sides that likes many different things, often things that people think it's impossible to combine for some reason(?).

About my Journal

My journal is separated in a friends only part and a public part.

In the friends only domain you will find personal entries about me. And if you want to be part of that you will have to write to me and tell me why you want to be my friend here at LJ. All other requests will be ignored.

Right now most of the friends only entries is written in Norwegian since I only got Norwegian friends. But don't despair: If I get friends from other countries I will start to write in English (except from some entries).

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